We offer group, private and semi-private reformer pilates classes.  Our 8 signature group reformer classes range from Beginner to Pro, to Booty Blast and our cardio classic Jumpboard.  All workouts, other than AMP Silver,  are 55 minutes and limited to a maximum of 10 persons.  We conveniently offer 42 classes a week to fit your busy schedule!  And don't forget to take advantage of our child care services while you workout.

Our AMP BEGINNER class is perfect for the person who is brand new to pilates, nursing an injury, rehabbing from an illness, or just wants a slower paced class.

This class focuses on teaches clients the basics of the Pilates method.  Clients will learn what the core muscles are, how they work and how to activate them correctly.  Flexibility, strength, and posture will improve.  After this class, some clients will choose to switch to one of our other classes, while other clients may choose to stay in the AMP Beginner classes long term. 

Although this class is suggested as a first class for clients, all ability levels are welcome!  Our studio philosophy is to make sure that each client has a workout that is comprised of no wasted movements.  Modifications will be made for each level of client to ensure that muscles are challenged and endorphins flow.

Our signature amp flow focuses on teaching clients to understand how their core muscles work, learning to activate them correctly, and beginning to improve general strength, flexibility and posture. 


We have taken the principles of traditional Pilates and incorporated more dynamic movements to create a more intense workout. While working out on the beautiful Allegro 2 reformers, the instructor will lead clients through a flowing series of Pilates-based movements to ensure that every single muscle is worked during each session.  Clients leave feeling strong and flexible, exhausted yet energized, and looking forward to the next session.  


Although this class is suggested as a first class for clients who are new to our studio and/or Pilates, all abilities are welcome.  Our studio philosophy is to make sure that each client has a workout in which they have no wasted movements.  Modifications will be made for each level of client to ensure that muscles are challenged and endorphins flow. 

Want to get more of an aerobic workout with your Pilates practice? Try jumpboard interval training on Pilates reformer! This dynamic class combines the strenthening benefits of traditional Pilates with cardio intervals on the jumpboard.


The jumpboard is a padded plate that replaces the foot bar on the reformer and provides an excellent and non-weight bearing method to increase heart rate and burn some serious calories. This class not only targets all the different leg muscles and core abdominals while jumping, but also increases spinal stability, arm and back strength, helps with bone density and increases muscular endurance.

Our bootyBLAST class is a full body workout with the emphasis being on your glutes, hamstrings and thighs. Various Pilates moves will focus on sculpting different sections of your booty, being sure to give your backside lots of love! 


We work not only your gluteus maximus (your prime mover) but also blast your medius and don't forget your minimus. Get the booty you've always wanted! (Even though this is a glute focused class…. your abs, arms, and back will still get worked…. as every AMP Pilates workout is a full body workout!)

AMP Silver classes are geared towards members looking to slow the pace, while focusing on strength, balance, mobility, and posture.  The classes are 45 minutes long and open to all all ages.   Classes are always on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:15pm-1pm.   AMP Silver classes are offered at $11 a class and limited to 10 members per session.

Our signature amp pro is a step up from amp flow.


Still flowing through transitions, the Pilates exercises chosen are more challenging, the transitions are a bit quicker and the music is a little louder. The progressions are intense, yet highly functional, working different muscle groups together at the same time to improve overall strength, endurance and efficiency in movement.


The amp pro is a serious full body workout. Expect to see significant improvements in strength, flexibility, posture and muscle tone in a short amount of time.


Before taking an amp pro class, it is suggested that clients have prior Pilates experience and/or have taken an amp flowclass. However, all abilities are welcome and modifications will be made for each client as needed.

AMP Advanced is a class which incorporates the most advanced reformer work. This class is not open enrollment, as we want to make sure that clients in this class have a firm understanding of the Pilates principles and are physically able to perform the exercises taught.


To qualify for the class, clients must have completed a minimum of 25 AMP Pro classes, have no acute injuries, and be personally approved by Megan.

Our Signature AMP Tower class utilizes the "tower" connected at the end of the reformer.   With many different resistance options and body position exercises that range from lying to standing, this class offers it all.   A great mix of total body stretch and incredible core strengthening, this 55 minute class is sure to challenge.